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First Year:

Physiology (Autonomic Nervous System)



Second Year:




Third Year:

Public Health (Parasitology)

Public Health (Bacteriology)



Fourth year:

Pharmaceutics (Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals)

Pharmaceutics (Anticoagulants)

Pharmaceutics (Cyclosporin Microemulsion)

Pharmaceutics (Types of Insulin)

Pharmaceutics (Abraxane, Paclitaxel)

Pharmaceutics (Vfend, Cyclodex inj)

Pharmaceutics (Doxil, Peg Doxorubicin)

Pharmaceutics (Medication Errors)

Bioassay (Hormones)

Bioassay (Bone hoemeostasis)



Clinical Pharmacy

First Year:

Histology (Cell membrane)

Histology (Organelles)

Histology (Organelles 2)

Histology (Epithelium)

Histology (Cartilage & blood)

Histology (Connective tissue)

Histology (CVS)

Histology (GIT)

Histology (Lymphoid System)

Histology (Muscle)

Biophysics (cell membrane)

Biophysics (cell membrane and homeostasis)

Biophysics (cell signaling)

Biophysics (receptors)

Biophysics (receptor activation)

Biophysics (Enzyme-linked receptors)

Pharmacy Orientation

Second Year:

Instrumental analysis (Chromatography)

 Instrumental analysis (System Suitability Parameters)

Instrumental analysis (HPLC Seminar)

 Instrumental analysis (Chromatography Syllabus)

Biochemistry-1 (BP 401) (Carbohydrates)


Biochemistry-1 (BP 401) (Enzymes)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (Emulsions)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (Suspensions)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (Microencapsulation)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (Powders)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (lecture 1)


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (lecture 2 & 3)

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (lecture 3 & 4) 

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form (lecture 4 & 5)

Pharmacy Legislation (5 Lectures)




Third Year:






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